How can a Persona help your brand grow

Im sitting in class, thinking about how a project that is due in two months is going to work out if we haven’t even started. hahaha…


Creating a persona is going to make the brand we are creating a social media marketing plan grow. How is a persona going to do this for our company?

Creating a persona is going to lead us to connect with the Target Audience. Connecting with our Target Audience is going to create success for our company.This in the long run will create brand awareness. Who doesn’t want to be successful. Personas like Bill Clinton and George Bush were created as “personas” because they were targeting soccer moms. Who knew.

Creating a persona will give us the opportunity to identify the needs and wants of consumers.


“Products will solve problems”-Prof. Atkins

A persona can be the mediator of solving a specific problem for the consumer.



No, I dont mean where you shop…haha

Last week I was reading on how to Identify Target Audience in my textbook, “Social Media Marketing: A Strategic Approach”

One of the first questions that the author asks the reader is, “Who is the message designed to reach?”

I am an advertising major and I took a class where I learned to create print ads, radio spots, and pretty much anything executional while having a good strategy that backed up my print ads or radio spots. Every time we had an assignment we always had to remember who the message is designed to reach. In simpler words, Who is our Target Audience?

When we look at Print ads, we sometimes dont even think about if this print ad is targeted towards us or other consumers. In mostly all print ads, commercials, radio spots their a solution to the wants and needs of a consumer.By understanding who our Target Audience are, we can know how to motivate individuals so that they may buy a certain product.

A great example of how to successfully reach your target audience, is a case study of Colgate. Colgate used social media and video to reach Generation Y target. Colgate introduced a new product called “Wisp.” This product is a mini disposable toothbrush. It is a very tiny toothbrush that fits in a purse of backpack. The product is intended for college students or individuals who are always on the go. They specifically wanted to target individuals who were 18-25, so Generation Y. How weird is to follow update on a toothbrush on twitter and facebook. This was a dilemma that Colgate and the agency their worked with had. How was Colgate going to interact with their target audience? They created contests, a facebook app, a campaign where individuals can upload videos on YouTube and become “More Kissable” and “The face of the Wisp.” Their results, $44 million in sales of their new product.

They proved that knowing your target audience is an extremely important step to be successful.


Those were the words that I kept hearing while I was in AAF?

What’s AAF? Stands for, American Advertising Federation. In simpler terms, a competition with other advertising fanatics. Last year, I joined Cal State Fullerton’s AAF Team. Our client, was Nissan. Our target audience were millennial’s.It was a whole year of hard work and dedication. Frustrated with the work, sometimes with each other and sometimes with the brand…lol..However, I learned how much goes into creating a full integrated campaign. I was reading this article, and the author of the article gives us 20 tips to rock our brand. I thought that was pretty cool. Whether we work for an advertising agency, or a marketing firm we will always work for a company and will have clients. One of the tips that I think was important to me while being in the competition was “Focusing on consistancy.” While creating a campaign for Nissan, our team had to think about how we were going to help consumers engage with Nissan online and offline. We thought about unique promotions using Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Pretty much all the top social media sites. And let me just say that was difficult but when we found out how to do it correctly everything just fit well. It was a neat experience and I think there are so many tips out there that can help us when we work for a company or when we are working with clients. Trial and Error.

What are some tips that you have put into practice and have worked?

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A New Start


“For college seniors there should be a week of being allowed to cry. Just break down and cry because you are scared and don’t know what’s next.” -Bill Cosby

Yup. This is my last semester of college. Exciting. The four years that I’ve been going to CSUF have been actually really great. Yes sometimes, I did want to break down and cry like a baby but it has been great. What a better way to end my semester than to educate myself on something I use every single day. Social Media. Yes, I did create this blog because it is part of my social media marketing assignment, but blogging is fun. You get to see how much you evolve and how well the content you provide will evolve. In the 3 weeks I’ve attended this class, I’ve learn so much.

Did you know there are actually, “7 myths of social media marketing?” or that there is a website that educates you on  Hashtags . Crazy. I know right.

Stick around, and I will be sharing what I will be learning this semester.