No, I dont mean where you shop…haha

Last week I was reading on how to Identify Target Audience in my textbook, “Social Media Marketing: A Strategic Approach”

One of the first questions that the author asks the reader is, “Who is the message designed to reach?”

I am an advertising major and I took a class where I learned to create print ads, radio spots, and pretty much anything executional while having a good strategy that backed up my print ads or radio spots. Every time we had an assignment we always had to remember who the message is designed to reach. In simpler words, Who is our Target Audience?

When we look at Print ads, we sometimes dont even think about if this print ad is targeted towards us or other consumers. In mostly all print ads, commercials, radio spots their a solution to the wants and needs of a consumer.By understanding who our Target Audience are, we can know how to motivate individuals so that they may buy a certain product.

A great example of how to successfully reach your target audience, is a case study of Colgate. Colgate used social media and video to reach Generation Y target. Colgate introduced a new product called “Wisp.” This product is a mini disposable toothbrush. It is a very tiny toothbrush that fits in a purse of backpack. The product is intended for college students or individuals who are always on the go. They specifically wanted to target individuals who were 18-25, so Generation Y. How weird is to follow update on a toothbrush on twitter and facebook. This was a dilemma that Colgate and the agency their worked with had. How was Colgate going to interact with their target audience? They created contests, a facebook app, a campaign where individuals can upload videos on YouTube and become “More Kissable” and “The face of the Wisp.” Their results, $44 million in sales of their new product.

They proved that knowing your target audience is an extremely important step to be successful.



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