How can Sharing Videos help your brand


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I am reading over my social media text book and Im in the section of Sharing Videos. I wanted to do some brief research on some companies who have shared videos with their viewers and how has that been beneficial.

One of my favorite commercials is from Volkswagen, “The Force.” It has 54 million views. This commercial was in the 2011 Super Bowl. it became popular {did i say 54 million views…wow} and won many awards. The technique that triggered the popularity about this commercial is that Volkswagen decided to show short clips of the commercial before the Super Bowl. It was a brilliant idea. People started sharing the video on Facebook  twitter, and in every social media outlet. It gave Volkswagen a advantage of creating something unique for their brand.

Other brands that take advantage of sharing videos are Home Depot, Nike, QuickSilver & Roxy, Red Bull and Old Spice all share their videos in order to engage with their audience, show how a product works, and distribute their message to everyone. 

Encouraging User Generated Content is a plus as well. Creating discussions and encouraging others to share videos will give you insight on how to better understand your consumers and help your brand generate awareness. 




The first step to a successful YOU


Maybe you are starting a company, a facebook page or already have these two things or you may have a YouTube channel. You want to be able to successfully engage with others, collaborate others, or bring your sales to a peak.

How do you do this?

The first step is Listening.

You need evaluate and learn what other people are saying about your company or YouTube channel or Facebook page. It will determine where our current standing in the social media world. Listening to others may help you redefine your goals and strategies and another greak perk is listening to what others are saying about your competiion. You want to learn what others say about your competitors becauuse one, they either used for examples servies or products. One of the great things I thought was very interesting in the textbook I am reading for my social media class is that, it is “critical for a company to find out what people are already talking about before becoming part of the conversation.”

Very simple, step to becoming successful but very crucial and important step. So Listen.

How has listening helped your business grow? Please share and leave a comment down below.

Benefits of Engaging with others while blogging

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While I prep for an exam, I am very intrigued by the many tips that there is to successful blogging. Successful blogging can bring many benefits by engaging with others. Engaging with others by commenting back and asking readers to conversate with you will create a relationship with the reader and blogger. Being recognize and creating awarness of your blog is another benefit when you engage with others. Affiliating with companies and doing product reviews will create buzz in your blog. Asking others for example to be a guest in your blog is a great benefit when you are engaging with others. You will have the advantage of having another person promote your blog with other potential readers.

Engagement is important when blogging because overall, blogging is all about interacting with others.

What are some benefits of engaging with others that you have seen in your blog or in other blogs? Please leave your respond down below.