How can Sharing Videos help your brand


(Source: Interactive Insight

I am reading over my social media text book and Im in the section of Sharing Videos. I wanted to do some brief research on some companies who have shared videos with their viewers and how has that been beneficial.

One of my favorite commercials is from Volkswagen, “The Force.” It has 54 million views. This commercial was in the 2011 Super Bowl. it became popular {did i say 54 million views…wow} and won many awards. The technique that triggered the popularity about this commercial is that Volkswagen decided to show short clips of the commercial before the Super Bowl. It was a brilliant idea. People started sharing the video on Facebook  twitter, and in every social media outlet. It gave Volkswagen a advantage of creating something unique for their brand.

Other brands that take advantage of sharing videos are Home Depot, Nike, QuickSilver & Roxy, Red Bull and Old Spice all share their videos in order to engage with their audience, show how a product works, and distribute their message to everyone. 

Encouraging User Generated Content is a plus as well. Creating discussions and encouraging others to share videos will give you insight on how to better understand your consumers and help your brand generate awareness. 




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