How to delete comments on your Instagram


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I’ve been using Instagram more than other social media platforms and lately I’ve been receiving followers which is a plus. However, since I am getting followers I am receiving some comments that are spam. We all do not like spamming. Sometimes they leave awkward comments like “get paid to do this and that or join this and that and you will get paid this amount.”

I was trying to figure out how to delete those comments but couldn’t figure it out. Until today.

I was reading Simply Zesty’s “25 Quirky Social Media Tips that you Probably Don’t know” HERE

So you simply click on the picture where you want to delete the comment from.

Next, you swipe the comment and you will be given the option to delete.

And your done. Super easy and quick.

I hope this helps you delete all those unnecessary comments you don’t want your followers to read.


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