Why understanding your Demographics in YouTube is important

(Photo Source: YouTube.com)

Besides being on Pinterest these days, I really enjoy YouTube. It is great to watch a video you like and share with your friends through Facebook and Twitter. There are so many individuals who watch YouTube videos and create their own channel and subscribe to many YouTubers.

Then there are those like me, that crete content and upload it to YouTube and hope to become the next superstar. {Not really } But upload videos and look at the number of views. However, it is important to use analytical tools that YouTube provide for us. Like the Demographic report. We learn the simplest but most important thing about our videos. We sometimes forget about these tools. I was reading a tweet that “Maker Studios” ( Twitter: @MakerStudios) a media company based in Southern California that talk about the Demographic Report for YouTube.

We learn the basic information about our viewers like:

Who are watching them and how old they are. Whether they are female or male. I think the most amazing part about this report is knowing where your viewers are from. I get excited when I see that I have viewers from different countries. I think it is important to understand who are watching our videos.

For instance, I noticed that creating videos where I give tips on fashion and beauty that are short to the point but are creative with great music added to the video are the videos that do well because the demographic I have are teenagers. Teenagers like fun and creative things but don’t want to be watching a video for 20 minutes on fashion and beauty.

You do not have to particularly change you whole entire channel to meet everyone’s needs but you can modify your content to meet a wide demographic based on the videos you create.



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