Social Media mistakes vs Social Media Disasters


The year is almost over and we might have made some mistakes while using social media. Maybe it was a tiring night and you decided to post a embarrassing picture of yourself on Facebook and Instagram and decided to delete it the next day when most of your comments were “LOL” but those are tiny silly mistakes. However, there were some social media disasters for some companies. A social media disaster is bad. A company’s reputation may be at risk, someone may lose their job, or a social media campaign you thought was going to br brilliant did not turn out so great. I was reading an article on “11 Biggest Social Media Disasters of 2012” on and a lot of the disasters made can take a toll on both the company and consumers. I thought that the two major social media disasters included in this article were from American Apparel and Gap. Their tweets were not thought of when tweeted out to everyone because they made a reference to all the victims of Hurricane Sandy…and it was not a good one. I know the main goal for companies is to sell and make profit but in circumstances like Hurricane Sandy it’s best to be extra careful and sensitive when tweeting about your company and the product you are trying to sell.

The best thing to do is to learn from our mistakes so that it does not become a disaster.

Have you done any social media mistakes?



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