Hashtags, the new way to target ads to consumers


(Photo Source: bnox.be)

If you change your status on Facebook to engaged or married, you will see on the right that ads start to appear about photography or wedding advertising. All because we changed a status. We all know we get targeted ads by the information we share on line. I read an interesting article on Forbes. The article is about how we soon will be getting ads based on the hashtags we use. We are using hashtags everywhere. I even see people using hashtags on Facebook, which I find funny. We are so use to using this form of gesture on our social media feed. So how is this going to work?

A company like Forever 21 may target someone based on the hashtags that a consumer may use. For instance they may target someone who uses the hashtag “shopping” or “fashion.” Another great example used on the article was how a fast food company like McDonalds may target someone who uses the hashtag “hamburger” or “hungry.” Very interesting stuff huh. This form of advertising technique may not be in use until next year. The company who is making hashtag advertising available is Radium One. They simply help advertisers reach the right consumer. So this would be the perfect fit for Radium One. I think many companies are going to use hashtag advertising. I find this very exciting and interesting. I just wonder, if people will be more aware of the tags they use so they wont be targeted by ads they don’t care about or are people going to be hashtagging about everything.

What do you think?

Is this a great technique for advertisers to use? Will this work?


Analytics in Social Media Platforms


This week, I was looking at the analytic’s that WordPress provides for us bloggers. It’s interesting to see the progress of a blog. I really like analyzing not only my blog but as well as my YouTube beauty channel. I was looking at an article, well more like a social media info graphic and found some really interesting facts. The info graphic talks about how social data is valued.

For instance one of the graphs showed how many users it takes for a company to reach a $10 billion value. That’s a lot of money. Well according to this graph, Facebook is already worth 100 billion dollars. So Facebook does not even have to worry about acquiring users. One of my favorite social media platforms right now, Instagram needs approximately 540 million users to reach the $10 billion mark. Another one of my favorite social media platforms, Pinterest needs 356 million users to reach the $10 billion mark.

Another interesting fact is it takes 8,896 tweets to make $10 if a company’s revenue is divided by content. For Yelp, 1.1 reviews to gain $10 and 25 check ins in Foursquare.

This is all very interesting to me because many think that social media itself is a fad and it’s going to go away but with this amount of success with companies it is not.What do you guys think about this information? Did you ever think that social media was going to be a fad?

Source: infographicsmania.com

The trigger of Twitter: Re-tweeting


Lately I have noticed that I have been re-tweeting more than usual. I have been using Twitter for about four years. I use to use it to just share what I was doing with my friends and not really caring what I was tweeting. My friends were doing the same thing and tweeting about what they were doing every second which became annoying. Now that I am enrolled in a social media marketing class, I have analyzed my social media behaviors. I read an interesting article by Brian Solis, “The Science of ReTweets on Twitter” (google it). It is a very interesting article that shows facts about the phenomenon of re-tweeting.

One of the main points of the article that caught my attention is that we retweet because something in our brain triggered for us to retweet. It might have been because something caught our attention and we liked it so we want to share it. The other reason is to validate content. Which to me makes sense the many reasons that re-tweet.

Ever since, I started re-tweeting I have gained several followers which is awesome. Getting followers who are professionals from the industry is even more exciting because it shows that when one takes the use of social media serious and uses it the right way for the right reasons, one starts to create good content. One “RT” can generate content in just seconds and that I think it the greatest thing about twitter. Able to share what you like and validating what you like with your followers.