The trigger of Twitter: Re-tweeting


Lately I have noticed that I have been re-tweeting more than usual. I have been using Twitter for about four years. I use to use it to just share what I was doing with my friends and not really caring what I was tweeting. My friends were doing the same thing and tweeting about what they were doing every second which became annoying. Now that I am enrolled in a social media marketing class, I have analyzed my social media behaviors. I read an interesting article by Brian Solis, “The Science of ReTweets on Twitter” (google it). It is a very interesting article that shows facts about the phenomenon of re-tweeting.

One of the main points of the article that caught my attention is that we retweet because something in our brain triggered for us to retweet. It might have been because something caught our attention and we liked it so we want to share it. The other reason is to validate content. Which to me makes sense the many reasons that re-tweet.

Ever since, I started re-tweeting I have gained several followers which is awesome. Getting followers who are professionals from the industry is even more exciting because it shows that when one takes the use of social media serious and uses it the right way for the right reasons, one starts to create good content. One “RT” can generate content in just seconds and that I think it the greatest thing about twitter. Able to share what you like and validating what you like with your followers.


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