Hashtags, the new way to target ads to consumers


(Photo Source: bnox.be)

If you change your status on Facebook to engaged or married, you will see on the right that ads start to appear about photography or wedding advertising. All because we changed a status. We all know we get targeted ads by the information we share on line. I read an interesting article on Forbes. The article is about how we soon will be getting ads based on the hashtags we use. We are using hashtags everywhere. I even see people using hashtags on Facebook, which I find funny. We are so use to using this form of gesture on our social media feed. So how is this going to work?

A company like Forever 21 may target someone based on the hashtags that a consumer may use. For instance they may target someone who uses the hashtag “shopping” or “fashion.” Another great example used on the article was how a fast food company like McDonalds may target someone who uses the hashtag “hamburger” or “hungry.” Very interesting stuff huh. This form of advertising technique may not be in use until next year. The company who is making hashtag advertising available is Radium One. They simply help advertisers reach the right consumer. So this would be the perfect fit for Radium One. I think many companies are going to use hashtag advertising. I find this very exciting and interesting. I just wonder, if people will be more aware of the tags they use so they wont be targeted by ads they don’t care about or are people going to be hashtagging about everything.

What do you think?

Is this a great technique for advertisers to use? Will this work?


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